In my current work “Crowd Series”, groups of people in the foreground are the core part because I want to see the distinctive character of a person or a group; in photographs, sometimes I cover the face of individuals with paint to eliminate expressions and hide features of cultural identity and physiognomy with the simple goal of generating different readings of my work, but my personal interest in mixing and altering these images is in part to create an aesthetic experience: contemplate life and their existentialism.  Leaving aside stereotypes, belonging to certain ethnic or racial groups or certain socioeconomic categories, I congregate and expose humans in ordinary scenes that translate the fragile essence of the human realm to the visual and fine art field.

After my term at The Border Art Residency in 2015 and before moving to my new studio in Anthony, New Mexico, I traveled for two months on a solo road trip from El Paso, Texas to Portland, Oregon; San Francisco; and other cities – a journey that helped me to explore the way human beings relate through urban portraiture, photographing people on the beach, waiting for the bus, at concerts, playing hockey, etc ... these were my starting points for Crowd Series  where I intervened these images, others that I bought in thrift stores, wallpaper, spray paint and acrylic on canvases up to 6 x 6 feet.