I am a mixed media collage artist and public art artist living and working in Los Angeles California. In my paintings I primarily work with paper and acrylics on canvas. The works include wall paper, asphalt, spray paint, acrylic paint and laser jet transfers. In Public Art I have designed drawings with initial sketches that I then translate to computer renderings. I have worked closely with museums, construction teams, architects and engineers to integrate designs into public spaces with polyurethane foam, acrylic paint, terrazzo, wood, plastics and metal. 

My paintings and public art are inspired by human relationships.  I use instructional materials such as maps, sewing patterns, mechanical renderings and architectural plans as metaphors to these relationships. The materials I use have been applied several times in different variations with the purpose of providing a narrative that question my ideas of society and human relationships. Instructional materials provide meaning to my work. In working with these concepts I question my personality, relationships and what my purpose is in the community. Architectural plans for example represent my ideas of comfort. The buildings we live are designed and created by groups of architects and construction workers to provide shelter. I also use sewing patterns with the idea that other individuals in our society help us by designing templates that facilitate assembly. Everyone has a purpose.

My purpose when I think of creating Public Art is to think of concepts that deal with a fundamental and general idea that will define a public shared interest, translate into art and create a form of identity to a community.