Riverside Portland Setting 78 x 48 2015

Collage, image transfer, spray paint and acrylic on canvas

Dominguez Field and The Famous Titans of Aviation. Public Art in Compton California.

Fausto Fernandez’s new artwork for the East Rancho Dominguez Community Center, Dominguez Field and the Famous Titans of Aviation, is a mixed media assemblage that uses paint, powder coated aluminum, reclaimed wood and corrugated metal. It was created through Fernandez’s research and conversations with the local community and project architects. A project of the Los Angeles County Arts Commission Civic Art Program  
About the Art: http://www.faustofernandez.com/p/public-art-in-los-angeles.html

The Fourfold Nature of the Ceiba Tree 36 x 36 2015

Paper Collage, cardboard and acrylic on canvas

Reunion at the Villa Borghese 36 x 36 2015

Collage, gel image transfer and acrylic on canvas

The Heights of Summer 48x48 2015

Collage and acrylic on canvas

The 7th annual Teddy Bear Toss 36 x 36 2015

Collage, gel image transfer and acrylic on canvas

Spectators 2015 72 x 96

Collage, acrylic, aerosol and photo image transfer on canvas

The Revelation of Great Mysteries 2015 60x60

Acrylic and laser print image transfer on canvas

Overflowing Abundance 2015 60x60

Collage and acrylic on canvas

Studies of Symbolic Play 2015 60 x 60

Collage, acrylic and gel medium transfer on canvas

Maintenance of social distance 60x60 2015

Acrylic and gel medium image transfer on canvas