Broken Down and Simplified 2014

Collage, acrylic, oil pastel and spray paint on canvas


48 x 84

Memories of Gentle Guidance 2014 36x36

Memories of Gentle Guidance 2014 36x36. Collage and acrylic on canvas.
Private Commission
 My friend Colin Redding got married to his wife Elizabeth Claxton. Colin asked me if I could make a painting for their wedding that would represent her dad and his dad who now rest in peace as a presence at the ceremony. The painting is composed of several key moments in their life. Colin's father had an appreciation for Native American culture, the painting is based on symmetrical elements in their culture made with architectural home designs from his father. His wife's father served in the U.S military, I used a letter of recognition for his service across the painting. The green colors represent her dad's green Ford Bronco and the hummingbirds have a special meaning that symbolizes timeless Joy and Nectar of Life, messengers of love and joy.