Erni Cabat Award 2011 at the Arizona Biennial at the Tucson Museum of Art

A few of you asked me about the meaning of the award i got for my painting "it's what you do with time that heals" , here is a quote from Julie Sasse, Curator at The Tucson Museum of Art.

"I can tell you that the Erni Cabat award was started many years ago, but I can’t say exactly when (1970s?). It was originally created by Rose Cabat, a noted Tucson ceramic artist in her own right. She created the award to honor her husband, Erni Cabat, who was also an artist. The truth is that he loved nudes, so the original text that went with the award was the “most lovely nude,” but over the years, “lovely” and “nude” made selecting for this award problematic. A couple of years ago I contacted the daughter (or granddaughter?) of Rose Cabat and asked if we could change it to “most lovely painting” and I’m sure I could switch media to “most lovely” of anything. I found that your piece not only had a beautiful composition and premise behind it, but the overlay of flowers, clocks, and patterns, and the metaphoric associations were well-suited to the optimism and aesthetic approach that Rose would want us to associate with this award." Julie Sasse is curator of modern and contemporary art at the Tucson Museum of Art, Arizona.

Looks like a bunny 2009 2x2ft

Mesa Contemporary Arts at Mesa Arts Center
September 11,2009 - January 3,2010

"Mechanical aircraft pattern" and "ridgid faucet installation tool" both 2009 2x2

These 2 paintings are part of a series of 10 paintings i am currently working on.