Cold/Sweat ( click on here for article)

Brooks Barrow Gallery
Phoenix/ Milwaukee Exchange
January 18th - February 16th, 2008
Artist Reception: January 18th, 2008 6-10pm

ColdSweat offers an alternative program of dialogue and collaboration between contemporary artists, dealers, curators and collectors. The brainchild of Marilu Knode, former senior curator at the Scottsdale Museum of Art, the series provides a framework in which innovative new approaches to art making can find reception in new and emerging markets.

The 2008 series brings together artists, curators, for profit-dealers and non-profit spaces from Phoenix & Milwaukee.

Participating Milwaukee galleries include Brooks Barrow Gallery and Hotcakes Gallery. Brooks Barrow will be hosting Phoenix artists James Angel, Rachel Bess, Sue Chenoweth and Fausto Fernandez, courtesy of Modified Arts. The exchange series continues in May, when Modified Arts will host artists from Brooks Barrow Gallery

The 3 following paintings will be on display

Parking Lot Spaces 2008. 36x36
Collection of Treg Bradley
Great Rivers Region 2008. 36x36
Collection of Geoffrey Bergauer
Crotch line 2008.36x36 Collection of Justina Duong