Information, pictures and opening of Exhibit in Oracle AZ

The Reception was on Sunday August 27 from 3-7pm, its sooo pretty that i would suggest going there early if you want to walk or hike. We were talking about swimming in their cool pool at the reception. The show is called ARCHI-Textures, an exhibit of work by Fausto Fernandez, Toni Gentilli and Scott Murphy.

Im am so happy to be part of a show were they have such an amazing community of talented artist living in Rancho Linda Vista. Their story is amazing, i wish i could remember everything they said but i have a few facts i remember. A community of about 30 people including kids, most of them are artist, living in Oracle Arizona in the ranch that many years ago was bought by 10 hippie artist to create art. They built studios , carpentry shops, houses and now is a historical place. Some of the people living there are sons and daughters of these founders and they have amazing stories.

Andy Warhol filmed his only western movie there, this is a good story, you have to come and ask yourself.

The pool its so private that back in the day people used to swim naked, maybe they still do but they didnt say that. the outside community watched with binnoculars.

These people are talented and im surprised i havent heard anything from it here in phoenix. You are all invited to join for the closing/pool party. IT IS GREAT, I had to go first to make sure you should all visit and it is so worth it, only two hours away, visit my show and visit the ranch, meet the artist in residence and Community in Rancho Linda Vista. If you have any questions please email me at

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